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VMSC Emergency Medical Services is redefining the way we support our community every day. Check out our agencies story to see how our team is accomplishing this every day.

What's New in 2023?

In 2022, we made major changes to the organization, including growing our team through increased staffing and ambulances in the community, improving our abilities through a 900% increase in training for our staff, and strengthening our love for serving our community each day by empowering our team through a new mission statement: Redefining… Community-First.

To continue our mission of Redefining… Community-First, we must focus on being the best we can be in the clinical areas of our organization, so we are ready whenever you need us. Over the last year, we have purchased and implemented new medical innovations, including State-of-the-Art Stryker Stretchers, Lucas 3 CPR Compression Systems, LifePak15 Monitors, and new technology to our area like Nitrous Oxide to be utilized as a non-narcotic form of pain management.

The technology supports our team of experienced EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics who have doubled in size over the past year, who are able to boast a stronger success rate of medical interventions in every category over the state average, which is a big accomplishment, especially as our teams respond to over 10,000 calls for service per year, up 38.6% over last year.

To ensure our teams can perform at their best, we must make sure our teams are taken care, both physically and mentally. This year allowed us to focus on our people.

Physically, our entire team was outfitted with First Response Level IIIA+ Vests that allow our staff to evade an attack if one would every threaten their safety. 

Mentally, we instituted our spiritual care team, who ensures our teams have someone their to support them through any situation they may face, both at work and at home. On top of our spiritual care team, our VMSC family of Career and Volunteers has celebrated a lot together, including our company picnic this year, our founder’s event in Washington DC and Broad Streets renaming in honor of Dr. Frank Boston, individual staff birthdays, almost 300 community events, school graduations, and so much more.

Frequently Asked


Quite a lot, actually! VMSC is dedicated to the health and safety of our community, and that means trying to prevent emergencies. Ambulances can also be requested and reserved for community events, sporting events, etc. in order to have emergency personnel on site. Fees apply for some of these services. We also participate in several community events! Feel free to come to say Hello! when you see us.

  • Abington/Lansdale/Jefferson Hospital
  • Grand View Hospital
  • Doylestown Hospital
  • Einstein Montgomery Medical Center
  • Abington Memorial Hospital
  • Individual Plan (Self) $ 75.00 Annually
  • Couple Plan (Self + Spouse)-$89.00 Annually
  • New: Family Plan (Self + Spouse+ Parents+ Children+ Grandchildren)- $125.00
  • Monthly Options Available

VMSC has predetermined billing rates that cover our operating costs. These billing rates are different for different levels of service. These levels are Basic Life Service (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS1 and ALS2). The level of care required determines the billing rate. These rates are in line with providers in the local area and accepted by insurance companies that are billed for these services. VMSC understands that bills associated with a medical insurance can be difficult to pay and that you may be receiving several bills associated with your situation. If you have questions about paying your bill, please contact our billing office.

Each insurance plan is different, but within each plan, there may be co-pays and/or deductibles that you are responsible for. VMSC has no control over the details of existing insurance plans and is not permitted to bill in ways that do not adhere to a patients’ plans. Our billing professionals will be happy to review your bill to ensure the proper billing details were provided.

Communities We Serve

Protect YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY with a VMSC Subscription!

As a VMSC subscriber, you not only support our ability to provide you and your neighbors with emergency 911 services, you also protect yourself from being billed for the emergency costs that were necessary but were not covered by your insurance when service is provided by VMSC.