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Event Services

Ensuring your event is prepared for an unexpected medical event is not always at the top of every event planner mind. VMSC has made the process as simple as possible to ensure our communities events, shows, and festivals are prepared.

VMSC offers three types of services, non-dedicated units (event awareness), dedicated EMS standby, and Ambulance or K9 Show-and-Tell Events.

Non-Dedicated Units – Awareness ONLY

Non-Dedicated Units simply provide awareness to the 911 coverage crew in the area of an event where their may be a likelihood of EMS being needed through the event. The EMS crew may stage at the event, however, must remain available for all 911 calls and any type of standby is no guaranteed.

There is no fee for this service.

Dedicated EMS Unit – STANDBY

Dedicated EMS Units are available for the entirety of your event and will remain on site to provide care to any event goers who require minor or major EMS care. A dedicated EMS unit can be a BLS ambulance staffed by two EMTs, or an ALS ambulance staffed by a Paramedic and EMT.

These staff will provide coverage for the full event.

The fee for this service is $125/hr for BLS and $175/hr for ALS coverage.

*Rates are based on current cost of EMS coverage in the NorthPenn area but can be negotiated for longer events.

Additional Services

VMSC has specialized teams that support standby events, including a dedicated Officer-In-Charge and UTV Rescue Assistance for events where EMS coverage may be difficult to provide on foot or near an ambulance.

Officer-In-Charge services are $75/hr and UTV services are $50/hr.

The need for these services and large event discounts can be disused with our team after form completion.

Show-And-Tell – K9 SAR and EMS

VMSC is a supporter of the community, and frequently attends event where coverage is not requested, but event goers would be interested in seeing a VMSC ambulance or meeting our K9 Search and Rescue Team.

VMSC does not charge for this service but cannot always accommodate due to scheduling challenges.

Please complete this form and a member of our events team will be in contact within 2 business days. If you have any questions, please call our office at 215-855-3779.