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Instructor Methodologies - VMSC

Instructor Methodologies

October 7, 2022 Matt Disanto Comments Off

Over the past week, 10 of your dedicated #VMSCEMS providers have been attending an EMS Instructor Methodologies class at the VMSC main station in addition to their normal duties.

Taught by Dr. Everitt Binns, PhD, this 40-hour course equips these EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics with the didactic skills required to be effective EMS educators. At the conclusion of this class, and after completing additional time as student-instructors, these professionals will be able to add EMS Instructor to their repertoire and teach both EMS certification and continuing education classes!

#VMSC recognizes the importance of a strong education division as a cornerstone of providing clinical excellence and is proud to offer a robust continuing education program for all EMS providers in-house. Strong work and thank you to all of the providers who took extra time out of their busy schedules to attend!