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VMSC, Jefferson-Einstein partnership underway

March 17, 2022 Bryson Schroeder Comments Off

The latest in improvements envisioned by Chief Wheeler comes to fruition as medical director and assistant are appointed

The latest in the recent improvements at the Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale has been put in place with the appointment of new medical directors from the Jefferson-Einstein Health EMS and Disaster Management program Tuesday.

Ryan Overberger will serve as medical director for the program. Amanda Pacheco will serve as assistant medical director as she completes her fellowship with the Jefferson-Einstein Health System.

The partnership between the agencies was an initiative of chief Shane Wheeler, who took over the department early this year with a goal of increasing the level of care offered by the department through advanced training and medical oversight.

“The knowledge and ability they will bring into our department will help us create one of the most efficient and effective EMS services in the region,” Wheeler said. “Both Dr. Overberger and Dr. Pacheco bring a wealth of experience that will be extremely valuable for our staff and perhaps more importantly, our patients.”

Overberger currently serves as the attending physician in emergency medicine for the Jefferson-Einstein Healthcare Network.

Their department specializes in a number of emergency services, including tactical medicine, technical rescue, major incident management and mass gatherings.

Their mission “is to prepare physicians, nurses, and out-of-hospital emergency care professionals for the challenges of delivering, researching or planning out-of-hospital emergency medical care in any environment.”

With this new medical direction, Wheeler is excited to continue working toward his goal of creating a regional training center for emergency medical services within the VMSC.

“Now that the partnership is active, I look forward to exploring ways for the department to utilize some of the best experience and leadership in the region,” Wheeler said.